BS and BSEd Minor Requirements

Minor requirements


Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science in Education (Non-Certifiable)
  1. ENG 296(3) or ANT 306(3)

  2. Complete 12 hours from the following courses: ANT 380(3)*, CSD 210(3), CSD 312(3), ENG 390(3), ENG 491(3), ENG 494(3), ENG 590(3), ENG 592(3), ENG 593(3)*, ENG 595(3), FRN 324(3), PSY 523(3), SPN 324(3). Other courses may be substituted with approval of committee.

    *Variable content course; up to 9 hours may be applied to the minor when the topic changes.

  3. At least 6 hours of a foreign language (including American Sign Language). A student may take 3 hours each of two different languages. No more than 12 hours of the 21-hour minor (except for foreign language) may be taken from any one department. 

  4. No more than 3 hours of the minor (except for foreign language) may also count for a major requirement.